minorities crowdfunding

Minority communities often lack the networks and resources that can boost crowdfunding success.

Locavesting Staff


impact investing

The trend is good news for Benefit Corps, local and women-led venures

Anne Field Showcase

Jetpack Aviation

So you thought it was gonna be a long, long time before you too could be a Rocketman. Well check out this Title III campaign from Van Nuys California's Jetpack Aviation for a lift off into the birdlike freedom of personal flight. (view this offering)

Magic Instruments

Are you one of the legions of people who've wanted to play an instrument but couldn't budget the time to practice, practice, practice? Here's a San Francisco based company that should strike a chord with you. (view this offering)


Vermont intrastate crowdfunding portal Milk Money,

We chat with the founders of intrastate crowdfunding portal Milk Money about local investing in Vermont.

Amy Cortese

Even before a key provision goes into effect in May, the JOBS Act is already changing the face of finance.

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Raising Capital

People's Community market social enterprise funding

Brahm Ahmadi has used DPOs, strategic partnerships—and now a nonprofit—to get People's Community Market off the ground.

Anne Field

In Action

A Lighthearted Intro to State Crowdfunding