American Homeowner Preservation

American Homeowner Preservation is a rare breed: an investment fund that aims to make money and help homeowners keep a roof over their heads.

Locavesting Staff


Red Bull Baltimore

Big companies are giving back by helping small fry. The latest example is Red Bull, which is bringing its academy for social entrepreneurs to Baltimore.

Anne Field Showcase

Jetpack Aviation

So you thought it was gonna be a long, long time before you too could be a Rocketman. Well check out this Title III campaign from Van Nuys California's Jetpack Aviation for a lift off into the birdlike freedom of personal flight. (view this offering)

Magic Instruments

Are you one of the legions of people who've wanted to play an instrument but couldn't budget the time to practice, practice, practice? Here's a San Francisco based company that should strike a chord with you. (view this offering)

Raising Capital

Food unicorns

As billions pour into food startups, a former venture capitalist advises founders not to follow the herd.

Douglas Raggio
JOBS Act progress

Now that all of the pieces have gone into effect, we can begin to take the full measure of the law. Is it living up to its promises?

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North Carolina Intrastate Crowdfunding

After 4 years of stops and starts, No. Carolina's intrastate crowdfunding law is live. Its creators used the time to learn from other states.

Benji Jones

In Action

A Lighthearted Intro to State Crowdfunding