Eight reasons why intrastate crowdfunding is better for local businesses and their communities.

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Revenue Share

New crowdfunding data shows that "revenue share" offerings offer attractive returns for investors.

Crowdfund Capital Advisors Showcase


A mobile app that instantly identifies plants, flowers and trees? Genius! Snap a photo and learn its name, whether it’s edible, and much more. Ideal for gardeners and anyone interested in being on a first name basis with their environment. (view this offering)


This women-owned site is a one-stop shopping hub for interior designers, offering only-to-the-trade furniture and decor items. It’s a $68.5 billion market that’s decidedly low-tech and ripe for disruption. (view offering here)


Insta Slim

Well cowboys, isn’t about time to corral that gut gone wild and look rodeo ready? Better yet, invest in this family-run business, formed in 2010, that manufactures in the USA. Help bring body shaping for men into the mainstream! (view offering here)

Rayton Solar

Solar power is on the rise. This California-based solar company has married particle accelerator technology with solar energy manufacturing to create cost-effective electricity. (view offering here)


Cannabis lover? LEAF’s brown thumb-resistant design allows for year-round, odor-free growing, in a unit the size of a beer fridge. Smart-phone controlled…so you, uh, don’t forget. (view this offering)

Raising Capital

raise capital and stay independent

Traditional Medicinals, a 40-year old herbal products maker, shows how to take on outside investors and stay true to your values.

B the Change
JOBS Act progress

Now that all of the pieces have gone into effect, we can begin to take the full measure of the law. Is it living up to its promises?

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Florida social enterprise

A new Orlando-based accelerator will help social enterprises grow—while diversifying the local economy.

Anne Field

In Action

A Lighthearted Intro to State Crowdfunding