Place-based impact investing

Arkansas Community Foundation teams with a partner for local impact.

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JOBS Act 3.0

Investment crowdfunding may get some long called for fixes. But past efforts have fizzled.

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Local businesses make up the heart & soul of a place. Here are some local businesses we love that are raising money now. And with minimum investments as low as $100, anyone can be an angel! #InvestLocal

Naia, a 16-year old gelateria in downtown Berkeley, CA sources its all-natural ingredients from local partners. It's packaged gelato is sold in 250+ stores and growing. View this yummy offering here.

When this Adirondack village's only department store closed, residents rallied and created their own store (as the NY Times wrote about here). Now, amid a renaissance in the area, the Saranac Lake Community Store is seeking growth capital.  View offering.
A Plant Prefab home

Modeled after "The Zipper," a Portland retail concept by Guerilla Development, the 3451 Benning project aims to entice retail tenants that will appeal to hipsters, foodies, and others in River Terrace, a neighborhood of row houses and rentals in Northeast Washington DC. View offering.

Dana Bushouse started making her "kick ass" Crooked City Cider out of her basement. Now she's building a tap room in Oakland's buzzy Jack London area. We'll toast to that! View offering.



As essential workers get priced out, a startup is helping them buy homes near where they work.

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The landmark legislation that democratized capital-raising continues to gain traction and evolve.

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socially responsible investment advisors

A socially responsible investing certification for financial advisors is a first for the industry.

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In Action

Watch Janelle Orsi’s ComCap17 talk!