The Transition Movement, which fosters resiliency and collaboration, has spread to 1,200 towns in 47 countries.

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Hawaii crowdfunding

Hawaiian Ola is a among a growing community of B Corps in Hawaii.

B the Change Showcase

The blue marble we call home is under threat. In honor of #EarthDay2018, investibule has gathered investment opportunities in companies that are helping to save the planet. Check our highlights—and more at

The amount of waste produced by humankind has increased by almost 10,000% over the last 100 years. But so little is recycled.  TerraCycle specializes in hard-to-recycle goods. Coffee pods, pens, cigarette butts, plastic industrial-use gloves—nothing is too challenging for this New Jersey-based innovator to compost, recycle or convert to new uses. View offering.

Rivers are a source of beauty and commerce. Also untapped energy—or what startup Verdant Power calls marine renewable energy (MRE). Verdant's first’s pilot project, the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project in New York City’s East River, is the world's first grid-connected array of MRE technologies. And there's more to come. View offering.

Americans love their pickup trucks. But what if they could be environmentally friendly, too? Atlis Motor Vehicles is raising capital to help design and build a true plug in battery electric pickup truck, with unprecedented capabilities, at a reasonable price. View offering.

The world's aquifers are threatening to run dry, some as early as 2050, according to NASA. Las Vegas-based Industry Water Filtration, Inc.'s patented design processes wastewater so that it can be used again and not dumped—with the lowest cost-to-gallon ratio in the industry.  View offering.


Maine harvest credit union

Maine Harvest Credit Union is looking to fill a funding gap for local farms and food makers—and buck the long term decline of credit unions.

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The landmark legislation that democratized capital-raising continues to gain traction and evolve.

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Impact Fund Ontario

VERGE Capital wants to tap some of the $40 billion that Southwestern Ontarians have invested non-locally.

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In Action

Watch Janelle Orsi’s ComCap17 talk!