Mainvest stands out for its focus on brick & mortar businesses in sleepy, non-tech centers outside of Boston.

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Flourish will begin its new life with $300 million to invest in innovations that help people achieve financial health and prosperity.

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This Earth Day, why not consider some grassroots investing? Here are just a few climate-friendly businesses that you can invest in today with as little as $100, via

Portland, Main-based Ocean Renewable Power Co. turns water currents into clean, predictable, renewable energy with zero carbon emissions. And say bye NIMBYism: Because they are completely submerged, ORPC systems do not block views or make noise.  (See offering here)

HiveMind's proprietary mycelium blend sequesters CO2 and other green house gases. Shell Oil covered gas stations in London with mycelium-inoculated green roofs. And Atlanta-based HiveMind plans a line of retail products for lawns and urban lots. (See offering here)

Purse for the People is a female-led Benefit Corporation based in Butte, Montana that makes handbags that from ethically sourced and sustainable materials, such as ratan, doyo, hemp and recycled materials. Coming soon: a design-your-own-bag offering. (See offering here)

Electric trucks and buses? Yes, please! Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, based in Las Vegas, aims to put an eCar in every garage, an eTruck in every driveway and an eBus in every city in North America. (See offering here)


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A Chicago program matches people of color with businesses in need of new owners

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The landmark legislation that democratized capital-raising continues to gain traction and evolve.

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New modes of finance and early stage investing can help nurture a new generation of social enterprises.

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Watch Janelle Orsi’s ComCap17 talk!