Need help finding the right accelerator or investor? There are new tools for that.

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The Local Crowd

Diane Wolverton and Kim Vincent created The Local Crowd to help rural businesses get funding.

Amy Cortese Showcase

Be part of the Detroit comeback! Century Partners is working to breathe new life into blighted neighborhoods in Detroit and democratize access to property ownership, giving anyone a chance to invest in the rehabilitation of historic Detroit neighborhoods through fund investment. View offering.
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The future of fashion is vegan. Brooklyn-based Vaute makes high-tech outerwear from 100% recycled and organic fibers, cut and sewn in the U.S. wherever possible. Better yet, they’re warm and beautiful–and the animals will thank you. View offering.

Move over jerky. Tanka Bars are a delicious and healthy meat & fruit snack based on a traditional Native American recipe. And they’re helping restore buffalo to the Great Plains and a way of life to the Lakota people. Native American Natural Foods is now raising money to expand. View offering. 

Last year over $3 billion worth of produce went unharvested because farmers couldn't find enough workers. Ganaz is like a Glassdoor for agriculture – it helps farm owners find workers and helps farm workers find out which farms offer the best jobs. View offering.

Credit card processing fees generate $60 billion a year. GroundSwell is a new cobranded credit card provider that redirects fees to nonprofits that are making the world a better place, rather than to big banks. Yes, please! View offering.

Entrepreneur Jill Taft was inspired to create her own eco-friendly, safe, and effective products for personal use after she gave birth to her first child. Seven years later, Logic Products has four product lines for kids, pets and families that’s generated $2.7 million to date. View offering.


Global Crowdfunding Convention

We talk to Ruth Hedges about the upcoming GCC and how crowdfunding has evolved since her first conference in 2012.

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JOBS Act progress

Now that all of the pieces have gone into effect, we can begin to take the full measure of the law. Is it living up to its promises?

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At the recent ComCap17 conference, state leaders shared tips for how to create a great intrastate law.

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In Action

Watch Janelle Orsi’s ComCap17 talk!