As in the US, Canadian crowdfunders lament burdensome laws and a lack of awareness and education.

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An economic researcher asks, what do you give a tax avoider who has everything?

Matthew Gardner Showcase

In 2017, the #MeToo movement shook the foundations of business, media and the arts. 2018 is the year for women to shine. Show your solidarity by investing in a women-owned business!

Meet OSSIC - immersive 3D audio, created by a woman scientist. Now that's something to sing about! View offering.

Named “the Green Sephora” by Forbes, Love Goodly is a fast-growing women's subscription box with a mission to help women switch to healthier, nontoxic, and cruelty free beauty products. View Offering.

Forget dusty head shops. Jane West is a lifestyle brand that is elevating the cannabis user experience—led by an all-female founding team. View offering.

Vanessa Braxton does not lack for ambition. Her goal: to become the Starbucks of tea. She’s raising money to open her first two Black Momma Tea & Cafe outlets in New York and New Jersey, and create a physical presence for her existing tea and cocktail brands. View offering.


Groups from New York to Oakland are using land and real estate trusts to fight back against displacement in their neighborhoods.

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JOBS Act progress

Now that all of the pieces have gone into effect, we can begin to take the full measure of the law. Is it living up to its promises?

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Investing in Women

In the #MeToo age, women can flex their muscles as investors.

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Watch Janelle Orsi’s ComCap17 talk!