New modes of finance and early stage investing can help nurture a new generation of social enterprises.

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When companies settle for too little, they can fail.

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Every investment has an impact. Here are three opportunities to invest for positive impact in the world, starting with as little as $50.
Move over Green Bay Packers, there's a new community-owned team in town. The Chattanooga Football Club, a Public Benefit Corp. and member of the National Premier Soccer League, is offering shares to fans to fund its growth. Unlike the Packers, however, shareholders of the Chattanooga FC get real voting and financial rights. Score! View offering.
“Beer for people” is the motto of Redemption Rock Brewing, a brewery and taproom under development in Worcester, MA.  It's goals go beyond bringing people together over craft beer; it's also a Benefit Corporation focused on creating fair employment and a positive impact on its community. View offering.
Keeping up with changing technology is difficult for anyone these days, but it is especially challenging for nonprofits. That's where TechSoup comes in. A nonprofit itself, TechSoup is like an outsourced IT department for civil society organizations around the world. It's raising money through a series of interest-bearing notes that suit any investor's needs. View offering.


2018 trends

The top stories of 2018, from the front lines of the financial revolution.

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The landmark legislation that democratized capital-raising continues to gain traction and evolve.

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Meow Wolf follow-on funding

Beta Bionics recently raised $57 million following its successful 2016 crowdfunding campaign.

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