Maine harvest credit union

Maine Harvest Credit Union is looking to fill a funding gap for local farms and food makers—and buck the long term decline of credit unions.

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Impact Fund Ontario

VERGE Capital wants to tap some of the $40 billion that Southwestern Ontarians have invested non-locally.

Anne Field Showcase

In 2017, the #MeToo movement shook the foundations of business, media and the arts. 2018 is the year for women to shine. Show your solidarity by investing in a women-owned business!

Meet OSSIC - immersive 3D audio, created by a woman scientist. Now that's something to sing about! View offering.

Named “the Green Sephora” by Forbes, Love Goodly is a fast-growing women's subscription box with a mission to help women switch to healthier, nontoxic, and cruelty free beauty products. View Offering.

Forget dusty head shops. Jane West is a lifestyle brand that is elevating the cannabis user experience—led by an all-female founding team. View offering.

Vanessa Braxton does not lack for ambition. Her goal: to become the Starbucks of tea. She’s raising money to open her first two Black Momma Tea & Cafe outlets in New York and New Jersey, and create a physical presence for her existing tea and cocktail brands. View offering.


Jolene's First Cousin crowdfunding

A Portland real estate project shows how a unique venture and vision can resonate with investors who long to be part of something meaningful.

Dara Westling

The landmark legislation that democratized capital-raising continues to gain traction and evolve.

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Arizona fintech sandbox

Arizona is the first state to create a regulatory sandbox. Will other states, or Congress, follow suit?

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In Action

Watch Janelle Orsi’s ComCap17 talk!