The incentives tucked into the 2017 tax weren't designed for community capital, but there are ways to make the funds open to all.

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Billions have been raised in Initial Coin Offerings. But that may be changing as regulators take notice.

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In 2017, the #MeToo movement shook the foundations of business, media and the arts. 2018 is the year for women to shine. Show your solidarity by investing in a women-owned business!

I scream, you scream… Millie’s Homemade is beloved in Pittsburgh for its award-winning ice cream. A loan will help the team bring their handcrafted goodness on the road. View offering.

Medical fashion is a growing market. Newport, RI-based Mighty Well creates functional and stylish apparel for people with cancer, diabetes and other health challenges. View offering.

Vanessa Braxton does not lack for ambition. Her goal: to become the Starbucks of tea. She’s raising money to open her first two Black Momma Tea & Cafe outlets in New York and New Jersey, and create a physical presence for her existing tea and cocktail brands. View offering.

We’re not alone. Our guts are inhabited by millions of microorganisms that play a vital role in our health. Ashley Harris created LoveBug Probiotics after grappling with a severe microbiome imbalance that sickened she and her son. View offering.

The Pittsburgh Juice Company creates fresh, organic cold-pressed juices. The brother and sister team behind it need a refrigerated truck to expand. View offering.

Last year over $3 billion worth of produce went unharvested because farmers couldn't find enough workers. Ganaz is like a Glassdoor for agriculture – it helps farm owners find workers and helps farm workers find out which farms offer the best jobs. View offering.


Microlender Grameen America wants to attract impact investors to fuel an expansion.

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JOBS Act progress

Now that all of the pieces have gone into effect, we can begin to take the full measure of the law. Is it living up to its promises?

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The latest crowdfunding portal is "physically and philosophically rooted in Main Street America."

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Watch Janelle Orsi’s ComCap17 talk!