About Us

Finance is being disrupted. Impact investing is going local. Main Street is making a comeback. And entrepreneurship is the new economic development. This creative ferment requires a new content platform to make sense of it all, and that’s why we created Locavesting.com.

Locavesting.com builds on the book of the same name—and the movement it has helped catalyze—to assist entrepreneurs, investors and civic leaders at the front lines of this fast-changing new economy.

Through incisive journalism and storytelling, we aim to shine a spotlight on the innovative business and economic models being created around the country, and the people behind them, so that others may benefit by their example. We’ve also created educational guides for investors and entrepreneurs interested in a deeper dive into community capital models. Because a new economy requires new funding models.

It is our hope that locavesting will become a trusted resource for individuals and organizations looking to rethink the way they invest, for entrepreneurs and small business owners passed over by conventional finance, for economic developers looking to revitalize their towns and stay relevant—and for anyone who cares about creating a more inclusive and prosperous economy.

So go ahead, grow your own economy.