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Calvert Impact Capital invests to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Through its products and services, it raises capital from individual and institutional investors to finance intermediaries and funds that are investing in communities left out of traditional capital markets. During its 22-year history, Calvert Impact Capital (formerly Calvert Foundation) has mobilized nearly $2 billion of investor capital. More at calvertimpactcapital.org







LOCUS Impact Investing, a social enterprise, is committed to empowering place-focused foundations to invest their capital locally to build prosperous, vibrant communities. To help these foundations move beyond traditional grantmaking toward local investing for impact, LOCUS offers a continuum of tools and services related to impact investing, starting with philanthropic analytic tools including Transfer of Wealth™ Opportunity Analysis to help foundations understand economic opportunities and strategy formulation related to economic development philanthropy and continuing with executing, servicing and monitoring of local impact investments. LOCUS provides these tools and solutions so that place-focused foundations will be better equipped to make community investments. More at locusimpactinvesting.org






Founded in 1992, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP is a mid-sized New York City-based law firm, offering its clients legal services in a broad range of business and litigation related matters. Among other areas of expertise, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole has been heavily involved in crowdfunding since the passage the inception of the federal JOBS Act. More at egsllp.com







Small Change is an online real estate crowdfunding and investment portal that makes cities better. More at smallchange.com