Slow Money

Got a food business? Care about the earth? Run fast to Slow Money, a national nonprofit that works to finance local, sustainable food and agriculture—or, to “bring money back down to earth,” in the words of founder Woody Tasch. Slow Money is not tied to any particular funding method. Rather, it’s a group of committed investors that use different tools to invest in local food and ag ventures. Much of the action takes place through regional groups inspired by the Slow Money message that have created local funding solutions tailored for their particular communities. Often these take the form of LIONs or investment clubs.

There are more than 30 Slow Money groups, from New York to North Carolina to Northern California, and as far away as Switzerland. Collectively, the organization and local chapters have injected nearly $40 million into hundreds of small food enterprises.


  • This is patient, low cost capital, folks!
  • Slow Money investors often take a personal interest and provide mentoring and other support in addition to funds
  • As a sustainable business, you can be sure that your investors are aligned with your values


  • Local, sustainable food, agriculture and infrastructure ventures only need apply
  • Investment decisions may take longer when a group is involved