Locavesting is a phrase coined by journalist Amy Cortese in 2008 (and the title of her book published in 2011) to capture the “citizen investor” phenomenon she saw taking hold in the wake of the financial crisis. People everywhere were looking for ways to rebuild their communities, dotted with foreclosed homes and shuttered storefronts. And they knew they had to look beyond Wall Street. In some cases, that was a matter of rediscovering tried and true solutions, such as community banks, cooperatives and CDFIs, or resurrecting centuries-old concepts, like local stock exchanges. In other cases, it meant inventing brand new models, like crowdfunding. All of these alternatives harken back to a time before our global financial age, when finance was something that happened largely within a community, among trusted participants, for mutual benefit.

Just as locavores eat a local diet, locavestors seek to invest that way. (Clever, right?)

Locavesting has inspired many discussions, media stories, entrepreneurial ventures—even state laws. And now it has inspired this web site.

For this evolution from book to brand, our talented friends at the design firm Agenda have created a logo that captures the spirit of locavesting. The looping ‘L’ symbolizes a thread in the fabric of society—the warp and woof of communities—with the understanding that we are all connected.