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The secret to fundraising success? Think friends, not investors.

Evan Loomis | January 2, 2016

Evan Loomis (above right) and Evan Baehr (above left) are accomplished entrepreneurs.  In their new book, Get Backed, they analyze their own experience as well as that of other successful entrepreneurs to answer the question:  What does it really take to raise money? The answers—highlighted in the excerpt below— may surprise you.  Sixty-three percent of […]

Collaborative Lender Able Joins the Online Lending Fray

Amy Cortese | August 25, 2015

When Jae Kim started his food truck, Chi’Lantro, five years ago in Austin, he wasn’t sure how people would take to his Korean-inspired BBQ. But Austinites gobbled up the bulgogi burgers, tacos and kimchi fries. So much so that the Korean-born entrepreneur (pictured above) decided it was time to open up a non-roving restaurant. Rather […]