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Venture Capitalists Wear No Clothes (and Why Revenue Models Beat 10x Exits)

Luni Libes | November 6, 2018

From his perch as founder of Fledge, a network of social impact accelerators, Luni Libes has claimed the role of industry provocateur, critiquing the prevailing Silicon Valley model of investment and agitating for more aligned funding models. In particular, he’s an advocate for revenue-based funding, whether via loans or redeemable equity, where startups buy back […]

Audrey Jacobs of OurCrowd Talks About What to Look For in a Crowdfunding Deal

Amy Cortese | May 27, 2015

Audrey Jacobs is Vice President, Americas, for OurCrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors that is based in Jerusalem. OurCrowd combines venture capital with investment crowdfunding. That means it vets and selects deals and invests its own capital alongside that of its investors. It also provides post-investment support to its portfolio companies through a […]

A Conversation With Angel Investor and Women’s Advocate Elizabeth Crowell

Amy Cortese | April 6, 2015

I first met Elizabeth Crowell when we were both invited to speak at an entrepreneurship series hosted by the Brooklyn Public Library. As a lead member of Astia Angels, a network of men and women who invest in women-led ventures, Elizabeth was speaking about raising angel funding. Then I found out she was also the owner […]