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Real Pickles DPO

Real Pickles: Anatomy of a Successful DPO

Kassandra Mayhew | June 29, 2018

Long before the JOBS Act and state-specific laws legalized investment crowdfunding, there was the direct public offering, or DPO, a sort of do-it-yourself IPO. Kassandra Mayhew of Cutting Edge Capital recently talked to Real Pickles cofounder Addie Rose Holland (pictured at left) about how a DPO helped the Greenfield, MA company transition to a worker-owned […]

People's Community market social enterprise funding

When it Comes to Funding, This Social Enterprise Gets Creative

Anne Field | January 27, 2017

Opening a grocery store in a food desert in West Oakland is not easy—just ask Brahm Ahmadi. Despite strong community support, he’s had to get creative to when it comes to funding and building his social enterprise. After several years, he’s finally nearing his goal, having raised money from the community and partnered with a […]

Community Capital: Impact Investing, By and For the People

Brian Beckon | December 17, 2016

There’s a refrain we’ve been hearing recently at gatherings of community organizers: “Nothing about us without us is for us.” While these words echo a centuries-old Latin slogan (“nihil de nobis, sine nobis”), they reflect a profound truth as relevant today as it has ever been. Their meaning is something like this: “Don’t try to […]

How The JOBS Act Gets it Wrong—And DPOs Get it Right

John Katovich | March 18, 2016

The last few years have been exciting ones, as new crowdfunding laws at the state and federal level have been passed that allow people to easily invest in small, growing companies—the kind of investments that, since the Securities Act of 1933, have been the exclusive purview of accredited, or wealthy, investors. In many ways, it […]

Three Direct Public Offerings You Can Invest in Today

Locavesting Staff | December 22, 2015

Starting May 16, all investors, regardless of wealth, will be able to invest in private companies when the last piece of the JOBS Acts goes into effect. In the meantime, there’s an alternative: direct public offerings, or DPOs. These offerings use pre-JOBS Act exemptions to allow private companies to extend investment opportunities to ordinary investors. […]

Old-School Crowdfunding: Meet the Direct Public Offering

Amy Cortese | September 17, 2015

Equity crowdfunding and Regulation A+ grab the headlines. So it may be news to some that investment crowdfunding was around long before the JOBS Act was a gleam in Patrick McHenry’s eye. It just went by a different name: the Direct Public Offering, or DPO. And in spite of the new crowdfunding options ushered in […]