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With a New Fund, Evergreen Cooperatives Looks to Spread the ‘Cleveland Model’

Randy Mueller | November 28, 2018

Since their inception ten years ago, the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland, Ohio have served as a promising model of economic development in a post-industrial city. The three worker cooperatives—an industrial laundry company, a green energy services contractor, and a hydroponic greenhouse (pictured above)—collectively employ over 200 individuals, many of whom have become worker-owners. In a […]


Employee-Owned Companies: Where are the Impact Investors?

Anne Field | July 10, 2017

For social entrepreneurs concerned about growing income inequality in the U.S. and around the world, one way to spread the wealth is through employee ownership. With that in mind, you’d think impact investors would be clamoring to invest in such companies. But, not so much. They may be missing out. “Companies with meaningful ownership and […]

More Entrepreneurs Want to Share the Wealth With Employees—But Financing is Tricky

Anne Field | November 12, 2016

Interest is growing in business models that share ownership more broadly, such as worker-owned coops and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). When ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few, little trickles down to workers—one reason wages have stagnated and the wealth gap has widened. Employees that have a stake in a company are also […]

More Businesses Are Sharing a Piece of The Pie With Workers

Anne Field | May 20, 2016

How to address the growing income equality gap? Raising the minimum wage may help, but a more structural solution is to give workers a bigger piece of the pie through ownership. For business owners that want to share the wealth with their workers, there are two main ways of doing this: employee stock ownership plans […]