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Food unicorns

Dear Founder, Your Business is Not a F*&@#ng Unicorn.

Douglas Raggio | April 10, 2017

DEAR FOUNDER, YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT A FUCKING UNICORN. A unicorn is a mythical animal. You created a real business. Regardless of your company size or promise, you took a significant risk, saw something others didn’t and acted on it. I find it borderline insulting to call your business something that isn’t real (sorry 7-year-olds). […]

A Vermont Startup Finds Its Crowdfunding Sweet Spot

Erin Pidot | April 25, 2016

When Chas Smith was looking to raise money for his Vermont-based maple beverage startup, he faced a dilemma: build community or raise lots of money fast? That’s a question being asked more and more by entrepreneurs exploring the growing range of investment crowdfunding options. Allowing your customers to invest helps to create an engaged and […]