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What Do Financial Advisors Have Against Local Investing?

Angela Barbash | November 27, 2016

I was on a panel earlier this year at the ComCap conference in Portland, discussing how my colleagues and I manage to do what other financial advisors seem incapable, unwilling, or downright frightened to do. Audience members recounted tales of bringing this taboo investment subject up to their financial advisors, only to be rebuked, scolded, […]

Coops Find New Options in Investment Funds and Crowdfunding

Joshua Bloom | August 13, 2015

With all the hoopla around online crowdfunding as a means of capitalizing startup businesses, the cooperative—that once anti-establishment business model—can seem downright dated. But look closely, and you’ll see a new energy around coops. That creative energy is also being applied to one of the biggest challenges that new and expanding coops face: raising capital. […]