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Venture Exchanges Could Bring Liquidity to Small Firms And Boost The Economy

Amy Cortese | May 18, 2015

Three years after the JOBS Act was passed, making it easier for small ventures to raise capital, Congress is tackling the issue of secondary trading. The House Financial Services Committee last week floated a draft bill that would allow the creation of “venture exchanges” tailored to the needs of small companies. In many ways, the […]

Can Crowdfunding Revive Local Stock Markets?

Amy Cortese | January 31, 2015

Back in October, I wrote an op-ed that appeared in the New York Times about local stock markets. Specifically, it was about the passage of Michigan’s Investment Markets bill, a novel new law that allows the creation of intrastate stock markets that would let Michigan-based residents buy and sell shares of Michigan-based securities. The idea […]