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Regulatory sandboxes

Should States Create Their Own ‘Regulatory Sandboxes’?

Brian Knight | July 7, 2017

Before the JOBS Act became federal law in 2012, Kansas and Georgia already allowed investment crowdfunding within their borders.  Today, more than 30 states have adopted intrastate crowdfunding laws, underscoring their role as experimental laboratories of democracy. One forward-thinking state, Michigan, has passed a complementary local stock market law. Could regulatory sandboxes be next? In […]

Can the Stock Market be Saved? Some New Ventures Think So.

Amy Cortese | June 20, 2016

From the days when brokers gathered under a Buttonwood tree in lower Manhattan, stock markets have been central to a healthy functioning economy. But these days, they seem kind of sick. Initial public stock offerings (IPOs) have been in steep decline as companies put off going public. And who can blame them? The financial costs […]

Unlocking the Power of Crowdfunding Through 401(k)s: A Proposal

Oren Litwin | September 21, 2015

Investment crowdfunding is a young industry, but it holds great potential to channel desperately needed capital to the nation’s small businesses. However, this potential has been stunted by outdated federal securities regulations and the SEC’s reluctance to fully implement the JOBS Act. As a result, equity crowdfunding is predominantly restricted to a small percentage of […]