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Is Student Debt Crushing Millennial Entrepreneurship?

Locavesting Staff | January 27, 2016

Mention the words entrepreneur or founder, and images of ambitious, be-hoodied youth might arise. Thanks to Silicon Valley, youth and entrepreneurship are intertwined in the popular imagination. But the reality is starkly different. Millennials lag behind older age groups in starting and running their own businesses. And a new study suggests that student debt loads […]

Two Millennials Hit the Road to Explore the Meaning of Meaningful Work

Michael Brooks & Philip L. Mckenzie | May 30, 2015

Like many Millennials, Megan Hafner and Betsy Ramaccia want their work to have meaning and impact. But what exactly does that mean? Few of their peers, they saw, had any real sense of what such work would look like. They conceived of  Why We Work Here, a road-trip-cum-research-project, to explore the question: “What does it […]