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Chicken Soup Reg A

Will Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Reg A Inspire?

Anne Field | September 6, 2017

If you were vacationing in late August, you might have missed a notable milestone in the young annals of crowd investing: the IPO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, which raised $30 million in four weeks using Regulation A+. Not only is it one of the best known brands and social enterprises to date […]

American Homeowner Preservation

A Fund Where Investors and Homeowners Both Win

Locavesting Staff | April 21, 2017

The mortgage crisis might seem like a distant memory, but in some ways, American families are more vulnerable than ever. More than 83,000 new families are impacted by foreclosure every month. Nationwide, one in every 200 homes goes into foreclosure. Jorge Newbery is out to change that. His company, American Homeowner Preservation (AHP), buys distressed mortgages […]

Before You Invest: The Basics of Financial Due Diligence

Huiwen Leo | August 8, 2016

Interested in investing in a company that is raising funds under Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), Regulation A or Regulation D? That means doing your homework— understanding what you are investing in and making an “informed investment decision.  In other words, due diligence. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of financial due diligence, which includes […]

SeedInvest Continues Selective Approach With Title III Crowdfunding

Amy Cortese | May 14, 2016

SeedInvest was founded in 2012 by Ryan Feit (above, right) and James Han (left) after they saw how hard it was for their Wharton classmates to raise money for their startups. Since then, SeedInvest has helped over 65 companies raise capital through Title II (accredited investors) and Title IV (Regulation A+) of the JOBS Act, […]

With New Offering, StreetShares Opens Small Business Lending to All Investors

Amy Cortese | March 16, 2016

Ordinary investors across the country can now lend money to small businesses, thanks to a regulatory greenlight given to online lender StreetShares. The move comes as the industry gears up for Title III, the long awaited JOBS Act provision that will open up investment crowdfunding to the mainstream when it goes into effect on May […]

With First ‘Reg A’ Deals And Final Rules, The JOBS Act Gains Steam

Amy Cortese | November 23, 2015

Elusive for so long, the JOBS Act is suddenly coming into fruition. On Friday, automotive upstart Elio Motors received Securities & Exchange Commission qualification for its widely anticipated $25 million Regulation A offering. The deal, which will help the company commercialize its innovative low-cost, three-wheeled cars, is the first official “Tier II” deal using the […]

Unlocking the Power of Crowdfunding Through 401(k)s: A Proposal

Oren Litwin | September 21, 2015

Investment crowdfunding is a young industry, but it holds great potential to channel desperately needed capital to the nation’s small businesses. However, this potential has been stunted by outdated federal securities regulations and the SEC’s reluctance to fully implement the JOBS Act. As a result, equity crowdfunding is predominantly restricted to a small percentage of […]

Old-School Crowdfunding: Meet the Direct Public Offering

Amy Cortese | September 17, 2015

Equity crowdfunding and Regulation A+ grab the headlines. So it may be news to some that investment crowdfunding was around long before the JOBS Act was a gleam in Patrick McHenry’s eye. It just went by a different name: the Direct Public Offering, or DPO. And in spite of the new crowdfunding options ushered in […]

Regulation A: Lessons From the First Quarter

Sara Hanks | September 14, 2015

This week will mark three months since revisions to the SEC’s Regulation A (popularly known as “Regulation A+”) went into effect. It’s still early, but there have been a couple of dozen filings made under the new regs. What can we learn from these early filings? A lot of people are not getting A+ grades, […]

A New FinTech Conference Debuts, With a Focus on Fairness

Amy Cortese | July 23, 2015

Technology has been reshaping finance over the past few years, and Dara Albright has been in the thick of it, producing insightful webinars, events and conferences, such as LendIt, the massive online lending expo she helped to launch. Her latest production, FinFair, takes place July 29 in New York. With a focus on new investment […]