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Kauffman Foundation: Six Strategies for Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Locavesting Staff | October 19, 2015

How do you create an entrepreneurial ecosystem? It’s the question that launched a thousand programs. We know that new business creation is a driver of economic growth and vitality. So, naturally, a lot of effort has been invested in trying to spur entrepreneurship. Over the past several years, the focus has shifted from narrowly-focused programs […]

Michigan Studies How to Boost Adoption of IntraState Crowdfunding

Erin Pidot | May 11, 2015

A growing number of states have passed intrastate crowdfunding exemptions—as of this writing, 19 states have enacted laws and more than a dozen more have legislation in the works. Michigan joined this local investing movement relatively early, in December 2013, with the passage of the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE). Michigan’s law is among the […]

Women Entrepreneurs Are Making Strides With “Equity” Crowdfunding

Amy Cortese | May 7, 2015

We knew it was true, or at least we hoped so. But a new report shows how crowdfunding is leveling the playing field for women entrepreneurs. The report, Stand out in the Crowd: How Women (and Men) Benefit from Equity Crowdfunding, found that women are achieving a higher success rate raising investment capital online than […]