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Regulation Crowdfunding’s Investor Limits Are The Real Problem

Mark Roderick | May 4, 2018

Since the JOBS Act was signed by President Obama in 2012, advocates have been urging Congress to increase the overall limit of $1 million (now $1.07 million, after adjustment for inflation) to $5 million for offerings under Title III (aka Regulation Crowdfunding). But for many issuers, the overall limit is less important than the per-investor […]

Crowdfinance: Experts Predict What’s in Store for 2016

Locavesting Staff | December 28, 2015

2016 will be the year that the long-awaited Title III “Regulation Crowdfunding” goes into effect.  That, along with Title II (for accredited investors), Regulation A+ (Title IV, the ‘mini-IPO’) and intrastate crowdfunding, will open up new avenues for entrepreneurs, investors and portals alike. But where will it all lead? We asked some experts to weigh […]

Public Offerings of Private Securities Are Gaining Momentum, Says a New Report

Locavesting Staff | July 20, 2015

Wealthy investors continue to pour money into crowdfunded securities, with capital commitments for Title II offerings rising nearly 18 percent in the second quarter of 2015. The number of deals grew more slowly though, at just under 5 percent, as companies assessed a shifting regulatory landscape. Investors are gobbling up technology, services and real estate […]

Venture Exchanges Could Bring Liquidity to Small Firms And Boost The Economy

Amy Cortese | May 18, 2015

Three years after the JOBS Act was passed, making it easier for small ventures to raise capital, Congress is tackling the issue of secondary trading. The House Financial Services Committee last week floated a draft bill that would allow the creation of “venture exchanges” tailored to the needs of small companies. In many ways, the […]

JOBS Act Progress: Title II Turns One

Locavesting Staff | January 31, 2015

The JOBS Act. So much promise, so little progress—thanks largely to the slow pace of the SEC in implementing the landmark legislation. But while we wait for key provisions of the Act, notably mainstream crowdfunding (aka Title III), one key element of the law is gaining traction. We’re talking about Title II, the JOBS Act provision […]